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We are the United Black Men of Queens Foundation Inc. We build mentoring programs for black boys and boys of color at the elementary, middle, high school and collegiate levels.

The mission of the United Black Men of Queens Foundation, Inc. is to actively assist and support the education for boys of color. The UBMQ will prepare these young men by nurturing a small learning community that prepares and empowers them to believe in self and service to their community.

As UMBQ mentoring has grown over the years we are proud to administer or provide technical support to at least one elementary school, one middle school, one high school and a UBMQ collegiate division. This year we were fortunate to have partnered with MS 231, August Martin HS and 15 collegiates (also known as UBMQ/BRANCH). The primary goals of our programs are to reduce out of school suspensions, increase school attendance, decrease lateness, instill a value for academic success and ensure an on time high school graduation rate of 80% for those young men known to the UBMQ mentoring program.

UBMQ partners with colleges, local businesses, workforce development and job training programs to create best practices which support young men of color in their short and long term career paths.

UMBQ believes in education through community partnerships and parent participation in all UBMQ programming in order to better support the education of our mentees and to give them greater access to career opportunities.

UMBQ will continue to mentor and support the foundation’s collegiate fraternity. This peer support and peer leadership system is intended to provide sustainable leadership for community service and future UBMQ programming.

Once a UBMQ Mentorship program is developed to the point of sustainability and assessed to have accomplished the above stated goal, UMBQ will add another incubator or mentorship component to the program.

Incubator Programs consists of UBMQ creating strategic partnerships and new mentoring programs with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, selected college students, individuals and other community organizations that share a similar value system about mentorship, education , high school graduation and college readiness.

UBMQ will enhance its mentor training/certification component to ensure the safety of mentees while conducting background clearances of potential mentors that can be trained and officially certified to be UBMQ mentors.

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